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Randolph Stow: An Ambivalent Australian

Gabrielle Carey  Kill Your Darlings Jan #12, 2013

Why is it that one of our greatest writers, who wrote some of the most quintessentially Australian novels, went into permanent self-exile and even spurned his Australian citizenship?

The Shire Revisited

Gabrielle Carey The Australian 4 Aug 2012

I WAS born in Sutherland hospital and brought home to a weatherboard house in Kirrawee that my father boasted had been built from an old boat.

Puberty to The Shire: reality is not pretty

Gabrielle Carey Sydney Morning Herald 24 July 2012

An opinion piece reflecting on our addiction to television and what The Shire (the show) says about viewers. This piece is very much inspired by David Foster Wallace’s wonderful essay E Unibus Pluram: Television and U.S. Fiction (1993). I am also indebted to the research work of UTS postgraduate Annabel Stafford.

Cronulla riots blues

Gabrielle Carey | Sydney Morning Herald | 16 Dec 2005

The first page of Puberty Blues describes South Cronulla, the lowest rung of the beach hierarchy, as Dickheadland, where “the uncool kids from Bankstown (Bankies)” hung out. Strangely, not much has changed.

A Pile of Quashed Quotatoes

Gabrielle Carey | Australian Literary Review | 2 June 2010

A reading group devoted to Finnegans Wake probably seems like the height of eccentricity but it’s not as weird as you might think.

My mother and Mick

Gabrielle Carey | Australian Literary Review | 1 September 2010

A personal essay about Australian writer Randolph Stow who died on May 29th, 2010.

Narcissistic Navel Gazing

Gabrielle Carey | The Australian | 5 March 2008

Ruminative, intimate, reflective why does the personal essay cause such angst for Australians?

You do not have the right to die

Gabrielle Carey | The Age | 11 May 2009

When most of the world is fighting to live, is suicide the ultimate act of selfishness?

Middle-age a lust cause for women hit by desire

My observations are that women approaching 50 swoon just as easily at the sight of a fit male chest or a sweaty bicep as a middle-aged man might over a girl in a bikini. It’s just that women are better at concealing their lust.